Support its a 3rd party website that protect both sides the buyer and seller  

Domain and Website Transfer:
during the inspection period time if for some reason the buyer want to cancel the transaction we will not ask why, right away we put a hold on the payment and the transaction goes into dispute process. during the dispute process the seller will have to send back the domain to us and we will forward it to the seller once the seller received the domain we will start the refund process.

Milestone transaction:
if your milestone transaction including actual product we asking to verify the shipping information with a valid tracking number if the transaction is more then $1,000 we request to have signature on the package and insurance in case of items not as describe" we put a hold on the payment and we asking to provide evidence to support your case.upon checking all the information GreenLightForSite support team will decided on the income.we will try our best to protect our buyer and seller 99% from our cases resolved in both sides satisfaction.

Contracted Service:
all services transaction are verified by uploading documents of what is including in the service GreenLightForSite support team will make sure that you as a buyer received the service you paid for before the money release to the seller in case you unhappy our support team will stand by you and try to get the refund from the service provider.

Be Noted:
in case you want to cancel the transaction you can do that at anytime just click on the button "cancel transaction" next to the transaction ID if you need help our office is open M-F 10am-6pm you can always contact us via email to [email protected] or on facebook at: click on the chat icon