How Green Light for Site Works?

How Green Light for Site Works?
Green Light for Site provides the layer of security for those people who made
transactions on a larger scale and in all magnitudes. It is the deposit security system for
your safe business transactions. It protects from the frauds and the stolen amount. Here
is the complete methodology of the How Green Light Site works;
1. The contract between Buyer and Seller
Before depositing money to the account of Green Light for Site, it provides a platform
for sellers and buyers to come to an agreement about their terms and conditions for
their transaction. Either of them can initiate the transaction through this so it gives
great flexibility to them. Once both parties agree on the terms and conditions, they
decided then depositing funds to the site account is proceeded.
2. Payment to the Green Light for Site
When both the parties agree to the transaction. Buyers then submit the payment to the
secure account of Green Light Site. The site verifies the payment and then the buyer will
be notified. Buyer can deposit the payment to Green Light Site account by credit card,
debit card, bank wire or money order. Whatever is easier for him.
3. Merchandise from Seller
After the verification of the payment from the Green Light Site, the seller is authorized
to send the merchandise to the buyer. The site verifies that the merchandise has
reached the buyer. The site act as the third party between the seller and buyer to verify
the transactions. The company has a lot of trusted persons in various regions.
4. Verification by Buyer
The merchandise meets the seller and verifies him completely. The buyer has time to
inspect the merchandise. The buyer has the option to accept and reject the
merchandise. Payment preceding depends on the verification of the merchandise by the
buyer. This is the verification provided by the Green Light Site for safe business deals
and online transactions. It will reduce the concept of fraud in online payments. With this
processing, the buyer has complete satisfaction with the seller and the product and then
the transaction has proceeded further.
5. Payment to the Seller
Once the buyer verifies the merchandize, the Green Light for Site releases the payment
to the seller from its account. The seller is notified of the release of the payment. In his
way, a safe and secure transaction is made successfully.
Green Light for Site provides licensed and regulated services with friendly professionals.
The company officers are always able to assist. Green Light for Site provides completely
safe, secure and trusted transactions for both sellers and buyers. The company keeps a
complete tracking on the whole process and the chance of the fraud are reduced to a
great extent.