About Selling on-line:
selling on line is very simple and easy to manage, today with so many apps
providing the money transfer you not really protect your self and your identity
therefore using greenlightforsite.com guarantee to received what you purchased.

We hold the funds in our trust account and if you purchase online business we
will make sure to transfer the business under your name including the
background check for the seller to make sure there is no debt and its legit

Buying merchandise we will make sure that you as a buyer received the
merchandise and its the same as the seller describe.

Buying automotive online we will make sure to check with the DMV that its under
your name and the automotive is in a good condition as describe by the seller.

How we helps you:
Selling on-line, however, doesn't come back while not its risks. the amount one risk
sellers face is chargebacks. Chargebacks ask the customer claiming there was a problem
with their order, whether or not it's that they failed to receive the products or it had
been not as represented, charge backs are a continuing risk to your income.

What are you able to do to shield your sale?
Luckily there are variety of steps you'll be able to take which may assist you shield
yourself and your cash once marketing on-line.
International marketing has improved over the last decade and specifically, within the
last three years. on-line cash premarital technologies have vastly improved and
settlement periods have continuing to cut back which means it's become easier and
easier to receive payment on-line. employing a esteemed payments service will scale
back risk as several offer further security checks additionally to cash services.

Our Guaranteed Protected Gateway:
Using an audited, guaranteed GreenLightForSite.com service eliminates chargebacks
and fraud from all of your transactions. this is often as a result of in an
GreenLightForSite.com dealing, the customer pays the balance up front and it's control
in our trust account. once the customer receives the products, they need a chance to
examine the products, and if they're glad, the funds are released to the seller directly
and there's no more chance for chargebacks.
Www.GreenLightForSite.com is the worlds largest escrow services. Our five simple steps
stop fraud in its tracks. www.GreenLightForSite.com protects consumers by only
releasing the funds to the seller if what you receive is strictly what you bought. If it's
not, ship it back to the seller and you get a full refund.

How to use Green light site to Sell product and Services on- line:
You and also the purchaser conform to terms - Either you or the customer will begin a
dealing. All parties have a chance to agree on the terms of the dealing as well as
shipping fees and inspection periods.
The buyer pays GreenLightForSite trust account - Currently that you simply have
created your dealing, the customer are going to be instructed to pay the balance. Once
verifies the payment, we are going to place your funds in our trust account and inform
you it's safe to ship the products or deliver the service.
You ship the merchandise or give the service to the customer - Currently that the funds
are in our written agreement account, we tend to inform you to deliver the products or
services as per the agreement terms of the written agreement dealing. If shipping is
needed, we tend to raise that you simply provide the tracking number so we can verify
once the customer receives the products and unleash your funds.
The buyer accepts the products or services - Once the customer receives the products
or services, they need an quantity of days up to the specified examination amount to
make sure everything is as described. we are going to hold the funds in our trust
account till the customer accepts the products or the review period ends.
GreenLightForSite pays the seller - We tend to release the funds to the seller from our
trust account.