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How  to  purchase  on-line:business :

Buying high worth merchandise and services on-line will have risks; fraud and incorrectly represented things, scam are online for many years trying to make a quick run with your money. At we guarantee  to run a background check for all the sellers to make sure we verify the identity and also the business reports , its very important to verify the business documents to make sure you buying a legit business.

Risks and Problems the buyers are facing:

If you begin or dealing with a fraudster on-line, it’s going to be tough or impossible to get you a refund, particularly if they’re a global marketer. There are variety of signs that a seller is also engaged in dishonest activity. Dishonest sellers will post listings of high worth things from unknown or pretend brands, commerce pretend ‘rip-offs’ of real brands, Dishonorable sellers might raise you to send them cash directly employing a bank transfer or PayPal with the intent of stealing your cash and never delivering the goods.

BE NOTED :  guarantee to run background for the seller and the business to make sure its all legit (PayPal or any other escrow company only run the show but the never check the business documents we are the ONLY ONE that  guarantee to check the business before we send the green light to start the transfer and even after the transfer we checking that ownership changed hands and the buyer have 100% control on the business online and off line businesses.)

  • Some sellers might send you faulty merchandise. particularly once buying used electronics or automotive merchandise, what you receive externally might look in shape however really are ‘lemons’.
  • Once you have got the lemon in your possession, it’s going to not even be apparent that it’s faulty upon cursory examination, that is why having an agreement in place that permits time for careful examination is very necessary.

Use to as your payment :

Luckily there is Green light site, It’ll take which may assist you shield yourself and your cash once shopping for on-line.

Using Green light site payment channels can facilitate cut back your risk of fraud. Some payment suppliers can give you with some protection against fraud. Detain mind, though, that not all payment suppliers were created equal.

Many marketplace websites give a ratings system for sellers, the ratings as provided by previous customers and may include comments or feedback to the seller. Reading these totally before partaking a private can assist you get rid of the possibly unscrupulous dealers who can have a lower rating than the real sellers on the platform.

How to use to shop for goods:

You and also the marketer conform to terms. Either you or the seller will begin a transaction. All parties have a chance to agree on the terms of the dealing as well as shipping fees and examination periods.

1. Buyer pay Green light site:

Currently that you simply have created your transaction, its time for you to fund it by wire the funds from your bank into our trust account

Once we verifies the payment, we are going to place your funds in our trust account and advise the seller that funds are secured.

Currently that the funds are in our trust account, the vendor is authorized to deliver the goods or services as per the agreement terms. If shipping is needed, the seller provides the following information to our support team thus we will verify that you received everything you acquired.

2. You  settle  for  the  goods  or  services:

After you receives the goods or services, you have got an quantity of days up to the approved examination amount to confirm what you received is what you acquired. If everything meets the requisite customary, let Green light site know so we can release the funds to the seller in case you unhappy you should notify us by email or even phone call we have 24/7 text support you must let us know so we can put a hold on the funds before it goes to the seller once the funds leave our trust account we want be able to recover it so you must act fast and let us know.

3. Green light site .com pays  the  seller:

our verification team will finalize the deal and release the funds to the seller.

Transaction will mark as completed.

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