Benefits of using

People need a layer of protection while conducting the transaction between the business deals or private payment when other parties are involved. The easiest and reliable method to perform the transaction safely and securely is conducting a transaction with the company processed the funds safely and provides a lot of benefits to both sellers and buyers.

· Security Regulator acts as a security regulation between the individuals, teams to corporations that are conducting the transfer of money among them. protects the money or investment from fraud and theft as the amount is held in the secure account of the and does not release the amount till the transaction is completed and the satisfaction is from both the parties.

· Transaction Agreement

For the money transfer between two parties, there is a verbal agreement which is only the layer of protection before the transaction but provides a legal binding agreement before the transaction can take place. Both the party decide the terms and conditions of the transaction by themselves. The agreement contains all the terms and conditions about the deal and when will be the amount will be released to both parties. It provides a secure environment for a transaction without any fear.

· Prevent from Fraud and theft:

The agreement before the transaction is the backbone of the this legally binding agreement in which both the parties are involved protects from the fraudulently released amounts and the threat of being stolen. After the agreement, the buyer deposits the amount to the secure account of which also ensures the seller about the payment for its services.

· Confirmation of Both Parties: holds the amount of transaction in its account as a third-party agent and release amount after the satisfaction of both parties. This provides the unbreakable protection layers and the security for both the parties. All types of transactions are secured in this way. This layer of protection satisfy both buyers and sellers and made the, a safe and secure platform for online transactions.

· Automatically Processed:

The online system of the makes it very easy to use for the people. Transactions are carried out automatically through trusted financial institutions. Only the verified agents are selected that provide exceptional services. handles the entire transaction process by only a piece of litter information from the user. The complete secured transactions can be conducted through

· High-Quality Virtual Agent: provides a high-quality virtual processing service. It is convenient to conduct any insured transaction through without searching the automatically connects you with the best and trusted agents. The interaction of untrustworthy agents and services can put you and your payments at more risk of the theft. only processed its transactions through trusted banks and financial institutions. This helps to protect from the scams and unscrupulous business deals.