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Buy and sell domain names and websites with the protection of the Green light Web

What is a Domain:

A domain contains a bunch of computers that may be accessed and administered with a typical set of rules. As an example, a corporation could need all native computers to be networked within a similar domain so every computer may be seen from alternative computers inside the domain or set from a central server.

A Windows domain may be a style of a network within which all user accounts, computers, printers and alternative security principals, are registered with a central info set on one or additional clusters of central computers referred to as domain controllers.

Types of Domain:

While there are over one,500 gTLDs in use, these twenty one frame the vast majority of all kinds of domain names. They embrace four sub-categories: Generic (.com, .net, .org, .info), domains which will be used for general functions.

Generic restricted (.pro, .biz, .name) domains which will only be used for his or her specific functions.

Buy and sell domain names and websites with the protection of the Green light Web:

Whether you’re shopping for or selling domain names or websites on-line, Green Light site can shield you against fraud, deception, and untrustworthiness.

As the largest on-line authorized and audited Green Light site  operator, we tend to safely hold the Buyer’s payment during a trust till the whole group action is complete. That way, consumers may be assured the domain are going to be registered in their name and Sellers may be positive they will be paid.

The benefits of Domain and web site Green Light site :

Since the customer pays Green Light site and not the vendor, Green Light site will withhold payment till we’re satisfied the name has been transferred by the seller. One amongst the ways that Green Light site will this is often by checking the WHOIS information of the acceptable Registrar to form bound it properly reflects the new Buyer’s name because the name individual.

  • Once this has been verified, Green Light site releases payment to the vendor.
  • Green Light site additionally provides a website caretaker Service to confirm the name Green Light site  is swish.

Buyer advantages:

  1. Peace of mind, security, and convenience
  2. Assured name transfer before paying vender
  3. Ability to verify domain possession directly with the registrar before the vendor is paid
  4. Ability to pay by wire transfer and in some cases PayPal, check, draft, or mastercard (Visa, MasterCard, american Express) Restrictions Apply
  5. Ability to send credit card data to a institution, not a unknown
  6. Easy access to measure client support by phone or email

Seller advantages:

  1. Peace of mind, security, and convenience
  2. Payment verification before name transfer
  3. Secure payment once transfer specifications are met
  4. Protection against credit card fraud, insufficient funds or credit card chargebacks
  5. Ability to just accept credit cards and PayPal if otherwise not capable to. Restrictions Apply
  6. Green Light site  fees which will be under merchant credit card process fees
  7. Easy access to live client support by phone or email

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