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Buy and sell domain names and websites with the protection of the Green light Web

What is a Domain:

A domain contains a bunch of computers that may be accessed and administered with a typical set of rules. As an example, a corporation could need all native computers to be networked within a similar domain so every computer may be seen from alternative computers inside the domain or set from a central server.

A Windows domain may be a style of a network within which all user accounts, computers, printers and alternative security principals, are registered with a central info set on one or additional clusters of central computers referred to as domain controllers.

Types of Domain:

While there are over one,500 gTLDs in use, these twenty one frame the vast majority of all kinds of domain names. They embrace four sub-categories: Generic (.com, .net, .org, .info), domains which will be used for general functions.

Generic restricted (.pro, .biz, .name) domains which will only be used for his or her specific functions.

Buy and sell domain names and websites with the protection of the Green light Web:

Whether you’re shopping for or selling domain names or websites on-line, Green Light site can shield you against fraud, deception, and untrustworthiness.

As the largest on-line authorized and audited Green Light site  operator, we tend to safely hold the Buyer’s payment during a trust till the whole group action is complete. That way, consumers may be assured the domain are going to be registered in their name and Sellers may be positive they will be paid.

The benefits of Domain and web site Green Light site :

Since the customer pays Green Light site and not the vendor, Green Light site will withhold payment till we’re satisfied the name has been transferred by the seller. One amongst the ways that Green Light site will this is often by checking the WHOIS information of the acceptable Registrar to form bound it properly reflects the new Buyer’s name because the name individual.

  • Once this has been verified, Green Light site releases payment to the vendor.
  • Green Light site additionally provides a website caretaker Service to confirm the name Green Light site  is swish.

Buyer advantages:

  1. Peace of mind, security, and convenience
  2. Assured name transfer before paying vender
  3. Ability to verify domain possession directly with the registrar before the vendor is paid
  4. Ability to pay by wire transfer and in some cases PayPal, check, draft, or mastercard (Visa, MasterCard, american Express) Restrictions Apply
  5. Ability to send credit card data to a institution, not a unknown
  6. Easy access to measure client support by phone or email

Seller advantages:

  1. Peace of mind, security, and convenience
  2. Payment verification before name transfer
  3. Secure payment once transfer specifications are met
  4. Protection against credit card fraud, insufficient funds or credit card chargebacks
  5. Ability to just accept credit cards and PayPal if otherwise not capable to. Restrictions Apply
  6. Green Light site  fees which will be under merchant credit card process fees
  7. Easy access to live client support by phone or email
Buy and Sell Products and Services Buy Services Online

Deal with

How help you to do a deal? is the best escrow service providing a secure and safe platform for the companies or individuals to make transactions and payments. It ensures the best security services between buyers and sellers to conduct transactions. You are welcomed to deal with if you want to make safe payments and to keep your investment safe from frauds and from stolen. ensures the buyers and sellers to agree for the conduction of the transaction between both parties.

After the agreement, the buyer has to submit the payment in the secure account of the company holds that amount till the successful transaction. After the satisfaction of both parties, the company releases the number of transactions to the sellers. The company act as a third party between both parties to ensure a safe transaction.

Quality of services: can connect the most reliable and truth worthy service providers and offers the most delightful services for their clients. always keeps itself away from the mediocre agencies which are also offering similar services. tries its best to never make a compromise with the profile and worthiness of the parties working with it.

Master Handling

To handle all types of transactions for products and services, provides the best workers. From all over the world, companies are communicating with each other on this platform and completing their deals and transactions successfully. completes the transaction in a short time, saving them time and money of the users.

Forms for Payment Modes

For the buyers of any product, resource or service, one needs to deposit the amount of the payment due to that service provider in the safe account of the buyers need to add payment according to the modes offering the accepts the payments through debit cards, credit cards, online fund transfer, money orders and also PayPal payments. The buyer can choose the model that suits him the best.

Services payable to

the charged some service fees from the users. Usually, it is a certain percentage of the total amount of the transaction. In some cases, has a flat rate that should be provided to the company. The payment to the is shared mutually by both sellers and buyers. finds the best service providers without any need to get into any hardship.

There are unsecured transactions that are a great way of Fraud. provided the platform to conduct the deals between the parties and to protect them from fraud. is a solid barrier of security for the conduction of a transaction between two parties. has access to a network the trusted agent worldwide that can help our clients to make the successful completion of the transactions. provides an automatically processed platform. has lasting relationships with the various financial institution and the company has passed through the protected bank security levels. The safety of the clients is the priority of and there is no risk involved in making the transactions.

Buy and Sell Products and Services Buy Services Online Escrow Assistance escrow services Secure Transactions

Is it safe to use

In this real-world, there are several factors involve in the conduction of transactions. It depends on the type of transaction and the amount of payment and its sensitivity. For the protection of money and the investment from the frauds and threats of theft, the most secure method is using trusted services for online transactions. provides a protected security mechanism between two individuals or businesses for the conduction of transactions between them. It acts as a third-party regulator that provides a secure plate form for their dealing and transaction.

Secure from Frauds:

Using the services by to complete assets acquisition or any business deal, make ensured to reduce the Frauds. These services keep encountering fraudulent business practices. Finding the best service is also a challenging job but Green Light Site ensures you the complete security and safety of your transaction.

Engaged by Large companies:

One of the most reputable escrow services is that which’s endorsed by well-known business organizations and large companies. is such an escrow service providing a platform that is engaged by popular companies. These companies have complete trust in the services of Greenlight for Site. Some of the companies had added their verification badges to which ensures its security and safety. You can also check and verify the by performing a better business bureau for any complaints on the company file.

Save Time and Money: provides the best service which is very easy to handle you just have to enter the type of transaction, you are conducting and amount or payment for that transaction. The online system of will conduct all the processes under the security system of industry and protects your information. The company saves your time and money automatically, as the transaction is handled completely securely by the company. also lets its users conduct many types of transactions including the purchase of assets with simplicity, ease, and security.

Verified Transactions: ensures your purchases and transactions by storing your funds until the completion of the transactions. helps you for a trusted transaction which is processed by a verified financial institution

Internationally Acceptable: is not only for the native market, yet it is internationally acceptable and makes sure the payments and transactions conducted internationally. Internationally accepted payment methods are easily accepted by the Also, the fee for is very less than many other escrow companies.

A lot of transactions are made online daily even from paying bills to shopping online for the family. But for larger transactions, people may want the need for escrow services for safe transactions. provides the best services where you can put your money in the account of Green Light for Site and can protect yourself from frauds. Never waste your time with other untrusted services and choose the for the safely proceeding of your transactions. Our support team is available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Buy and Sell Products and Services

Safely Buy and Sell Products and Services

Buy and Sell products online
Buy and Sell products online
About Selling on-line:

selling on line is very simple and easy to manage, today with so many apps providing the money transfer you not really protect your self and your identity therefore using guarantee to received what you purchased.

We hold the funds in our trust account and if you purchase online business we will make sure to transfer the business under your name including the background check for the seller to make sure there is no debt and its legit business.

Buying merchandise we will make sure that you as a buyer received the merchandise and its the same as the seller describe.

Buying automotive online we will make sure to check with the DMV that its under your name and the automotive is in a good condition as describe by the seller.

How we help you:

Selling on-line, however, doesn’t come back while not its risks. the amount one risk sellers face is chargebacks. Chargebacks ask the customer claiming there was a problem with their order, whether or not it’s that they failed to receive the products or it had been not as represented, charge backs are a continuing risk to your income.

What  are  you  able to do to shield  your  sale?

Luckily there are variety of steps you’ll be able to take which may assist you shield yourself and your cash once marketing on-line.

International marketing has improved over the last decade and specifically, within the last three years. on-line cash premarital technologies have vastly improved and settlement periods have continuing to cut back which means it’s become easier and easier to receive payment on-line. employing a esteemed payments service will scale back risk as several offer further security checks additionally to cash services.

Our Guaranteed Protected Gateway:

Using an audited, guaranteed service eliminates chargebacks and fraud from all of your transactions. this is often as a result of in an dealing, the customer pays the balance up front and it’s control in our trust account. once the customer receives the products, they need a chance to examine the products, and if they’re glad, the funds are released to the seller directly and there’s no more chance for chargebacks. is the worlds largest escrow services. Our five simple steps stop fraud in its tracks. protects consumers by only releasing the funds to the seller if what you receive is strictly what you bought. If it’s not, ship it back to the seller and you get a full refund.

How  to  use  Green light site  to  Sell  product  and  Services on-line:

You and also the purchaser conform to terms – Either you or the customer will begin a dealing. All parties have a chance to agree on the terms of the dealing as well as shipping fees and inspection periods.

The buyer pays GreenLightForSite  trust account – Currently that you simply have created your dealing, the customer are going to be instructed to pay the balance. Once verifies the payment, we are going to place your funds in our trust account and inform you it’s safe to ship the products or deliver the service.

You ship the merchandise or give the service to the customer – Currently that the funds are in our written agreement account, we tend to inform you to deliver the products or services as per the agreement terms of the written agreement dealing. If shipping is needed, we tend to raise that you simply provide the tracking number so we can verify once the customer receives the products and unleash your funds.

The buyer accepts the products or services – Once the customer receives the products or services, they need an quantity of days up to the specified examination amount to make sure everything is as described. we are going to hold the funds in our trust account till the customer accepts the products or the review period ends.

GreenLightForSite pays the seller – We tend to release the funds to the seller from our trust account.