Escrow Assistance

Domain and Website Escrow Assistance

Domain and Website Assistance
Domain and Website Assistance

Domain assistance is the best way to protect your self from exposing your personal information and also guarantee that you will be the new owner for the business/domain

As you know the domain is the heart of the online business it contain the history of the business therefore when you choose the Domain assistance the seller will have to transfer the domain to Hosting account and our support team will transfer the domain to the buyer hosting account.

You do not need to deal with the seller directly will make sure that buyer received the Domain and ownership change hands.

Buy  and  sell  domain  names  and  websites with the protection  of  the :

Whether you’re shopping for or selling domain names or websites on-line, can shield you against fraud, deception, and untrustworthiness.

As the largest on-line authorized and audited businesses   we tend to safely hold the Buyer’s payment during the inspection period time until the whole group action is complete. That way, consumers may be assured the domain are going to be registered in their name and Sellers may be positive they will be paid.

The benefits of  using Domain and web site

transactions with :

Since the customer pays and not directly to the seller, will withhold payment till we’re satisfied the name has been transferred by the seller. One among the ways that GreenLightForSite is checking the  information of the acceptable Registrar to form bound it properly reflects the new Buyer’s name because the name individual.

  • Once this has been verified, GreenLightForSite releases payment to the seller.
  • Our support team  additionally provides a website background Service to confirm the name change and the legitimate of the business.
Buyer  advantages:
  1. Peace of mind, security, and convenience
  2. Assured name transfer before paying the seller
  3. Ability to verify domain possession directly with the registrar before the seller is paid
  4. Ability to pay by wire transfer and in some cases PayPal, check, draft, or mastercard (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) Restrictions Apply
  5. Ability to send credit card data to a institution, not a unknown
  6. Easy access to measure client support by phone or email or even text massages.
Seller  advantages:
  1. Peace of mind, security, and convenience
  2. Payment verification before name transfer
  3. Secure payment once transfer specifications are met
  4. Protection against credit card fraud, insufficient funds or credit card charge backs
  5. Ability to just accept credit cards and PayPal if otherwise not capable to. Restrictions Apply
  6. GreenLightForSite  fees which will be under merchant credit card process fees
  7. Easy access to live client support by phone or email or even text messages.