Secure Transactions

Secure Vehicle and Property Transactions

secure transaction online
secure transaction online

We provide you secure gateway between seller and buyer, to make a transactions easily and safely. We know that how big price for the vehicles and property are. There are many chances of fraud in outside buy sources. So our offers you a secure platform for the transactions. We hold the payment from buyers, when the buyer is satisfied then we release the payment into seller account safely.

Using can cut out the fraud rates, these transaction are happens with fully security and checking. Because these transactions are high than others.

BE NOTED : support team will hold the title and verify with the DMV that all documents and ownership are done before the seller get a hold on the money.

Review what you are Purchasing:

As a second user automotive buyer, if you would like to shop for a automotive on-line, you would like protection to make sure you get what you got. It’s commonplace, that an otherwise apparently smart vehicle on the skin will have major internal problems. In some cases, these faults might price you even over you got the automotive to place right. Doing a vehicle review yourself can only get you thus far. The smart choice is to possess a mechanic look over the automobile.

However, this can be not continually potential before you purchase the Property. Shipping of automobiles is another issue you would like to think about. If the automotive doesn’t arrive within the same condition it had been once it had been purchased; there is also very little recourse in obtaining your a refund. This can be fairly often the case if you purchase a second user automotive.

What are you able to Do to protect Yourself Against Automotive Fraud?

Many marketplace websites offer a classification system for sellers embraces the reviews as provided by previous customers; it’s going to additionally include comments or feedback from the vendor. Reading these completely before participating a personal can assist you get rid of the possibly unscrupulous dealers who can have a lower rating than the real sellers on the platform.

Using legitimate payment channels will facilitate cut back your risk of fraud. Some payment suppliers can offer you with some protection against fraud. Keep in mind, though, that not all payment suppliers were created equal. As an example, PayPal doesn’t cover the client if the automobile failed to arrive as represented for all automotive purchases.

Using an audited, warranted Green light Site service eliminates fraud from all of your transactions. This can be as a result of, in an Green light Site dealing, you’ll stipulate the terms of the examination amount and might include provisions to possess a mechanic examine the vehicle. If the vehicle doesn’t pass the examination, you’ll send the vehicle back, and your Green light Site supplier can pay out your funds back to your checking account.

How  we  help  you  prevent  from  Frauds:

Our five simple steps to prevent fraud in its tracks. GreenLightForSite protects consumers by only releasing the funds to the vendor if what you receive is strictly what you got. If it’s not, ship it back to the vendor and you get a full refund less the transaction fees.

Both the client and also the marketer have the benefit of using Green light For Site as a neutral third party to watch and interact the exchange of the payment and also the vehicle.

The Benefits of using

Peace  of  Mind  for  Vehicle  Sellers

The Buyer sends the agreed-upon payment to our trust account. When confirmation funds, we tend to alert the vendor to send the vehicle to the client. Protected against dishonest checks and order of payment scams, the vendor has peace of mind knowing funds arehind the written agreement shield.

Find out a lot of advantages for sellers

Confidence  for  Vehicle  buyers

As the purchaser, you get the confidence that the automotive or vehicle is strictly what you got. If it’s not, ship it back to the vendor and that we can refund your cash, straight back to your wallet.

Find out a lot of advantages for buyers

Low Fees

The low price of our secure auto service is either paid by the client, the Seller, or shared between them.