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How Green Light Site is Useful for you

What is Green Light Site:

The Green Light Site is a money arrangement between the client and marketer and regulates payment of the funds needed for 2 parties concerned during a given dealing. It helps build transactions safer by keeping the payment in a exceedingly secure green light-weight account that is simply free once all of the terms of an agreement are met as overseen by the green light company.

How Green Light Site is Useful for you:

Green Light Site  are very helpful within the case of a dealing wherever a large quantity cash is involved and an exact range of obligations got to be fulfilled before a payment is free like within the case of a web site being designed wherever the customer may wish confirmation of the standard of work being done before creating a full payment, and also the seller doesn’t wish to increase a vast quantity of work with none assurance that he or she is going to receive payment.

  • Whereas traditional green light-weight service is sort of tough and should be obtained through banks and lawyers, green light provides on-line written agreement services at reasonable rates.
  • Whereas the payment is ‘In green Light’ the dealing are often safely administered while not risk of losing cash or merchandise because of fraud. This eliminates all legal jargon and permits for secure transactions and assured consumers and sellers.

How can Green Light Site Works:

Green Light Site reduces the danger of fraud by acting as a trustworthy third-party that collects, holds and only disburses funds once each consumers and Sellers are happy.

1. Buyer and merchant conform to terms:

Either the client or merchant begins a dealing. Once registering at green light, all parties conform to the terms of the transaction.

2. Buyer pays to Greenlight:

The Buyer submits a payment by approved payment technique to our secure Green Light Site Account, green light verifies the payment, the seller is notified that funds are secured ‘In green Light’.

3. Seller ships merchandise to client:

Upon payment verification, the seller is authorised to send the merchandise and submit pursuit info. Green Light Site verifies that the client receives the merchandise.

4. Buyer accepts merchandise:

the client features a set range of days to examine the merchandise and also the choice to settle for or reject it. The client accepts the merchandise

5. Green Light Site pays the seller:

Green light-weight releases funds to the seller from the Green Light Site Account.

Security of our network.

A secure network should be your best priority once trying to find a payment entranceway. Your customers should be able to have trust that their monetary info can stay secure once buying from your store. Search for PCI-compliance, as this can be important once acceptive credit cards on-line.

The client expertise.

Besides being secure, the method for payments should be swish and build buying from you convenient for your customers. If it becomes cumbersome, requiring too several steps, an excessive amount of time, or an excessive amount of personal info, your client could abandon their purchase and search elsewhere.

  • You must search for a payment entrance that enables you to just accept all major credit and debit cards, also as being integrated with all major looking carts.
  • In today’s world it’s additionally crucial that the payment gateway is optimized for mobile users.

Internationally acceptable.

Unless you’re only expecting to just accept payments from your native market you should make sure that the payment entrance permits for international acceptance. The internet is international and crosses all borders, and your customers may return from any corner of the world. Don’t limit yourself with a payment entrance that doesn’t afford international payments.


The fee structure at every payment entranceway can take issue, therefore make sure it fits in your budget, which it isn’t excessive compared with different payment gateway offerings.